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MAS Staten Island Center has established an online shop to sell tickets to some of our services, programs and merchandise. Muslim American Society is committed to providing quality service to our community members.

Some of our MAS Staten Island Center’s Youth, Kids and Preteen programs, trips, classes and services are for a fee to cover the cost. Most of these costs are subsidized because our generous community members support our major costs. Please read the description thoroughly before signing up or making the purchase. Event tickets, such as for the annual fundraising dinner, will also be sold on our shop page.

Our young talented youth have also worked hard and designed MAS merchandise for example: Custom MAS Nurture People Inspire Change Hoodie, Unisex Sueded Fleece MAS Hoodie, Corduroy MAS hat, Chamption MAS Backpack, Embroidered Champion Bomber MAS Jacket, Large embroidered organic MAS tote bag, Kids fleece MAS hoodie, MAS Hoodie dress, cuffed MAS Beanie, Adidas MAS backpack, Adidas Quarter zip MAS pullover in black, Adidas Quarter zip MAS pullover in white, Unisex Fleece MAS sweatshirt pullover, Embroidered Champion Packable MAS Jacket, MAS sweaters, MAS T-Shirts, MAS water bottles etc. Please check our shop page regularly to see new merchandise: https://massic.shop. We choose highest quality material for your satisfaction. These products are printed and shipped directly to you from our vendors. All proceeds directly go towards the construction cost of our expansion project. To support our construction project and learn more about us, please visit our main website: https://massic.org/

MAS New York’s website sells the MAS youth camp and other events tickets throughout the year, you may access their website at: https://www.masnewyork.org/

If you are interested in purchasing MAS Publications / books, please visit Muslim American Society’s National Website: https://maspublishing.org/.

Most of our books can also be found on amazon for ease of purchase. Some of these must read titles are: Guardians of the Houses of Allah by Asad Zaman, How to Love the Prophet by Dr. Ali Badahdah, Roadblocks – Spiritual Challenges of Muslim Activists by As-Sayyid Muhammad Nuh, Transformed by Worship – The Tarbiya Effects of Ritual Worship in Islam by Dr. Salah Soltan, Rising Soul – A Guide to Personal Development by Muhammad Mansur, Faith First – A Guide to Awakening Iman by Dr. Magdy Al-Hilali and Sincerity – The Essential Quality by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

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