MAS Staten Island Quran Program

$80.00 / month

Register before September 18 to receive free classes for 2 weeks in September!

  • Early Bird Discount until September 18: $40 off (classes are free for September’s 2 weeks)
  • Registrations between Sep 18-26 will be charged 80 for October plus 40 initial cost for 2 weeks classes for month of September
  • Registrations after Sep 26 will be 80 per month, starting October and not include September classes

Different Levels Offered
Group Recitation & Memorization for Younger Students
Noor Al Bayan (Qaida Noorania)
Tajweed Rules & One-on-One for Older Students
Surahs’ Explanation, Meaning & Prophet Stories
AGES: 4+
PRICE: $80 per month

CLASS SCHEDULE: Students will meet for one hour, twice a week, between Tuesday-Friday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

C1, Class 1: Ages 4-6
C2, Class 2: Ages 7-10
C3, Class 3: Ages 11-14
C4, Class 4: Ages 14+

L1, Level 1: Beginner
L2, Level 2: Intermediate
L3, Level 3: Advance

Tue Wed Thu Fri
6-7 pm C1 / L1 C3 / L2 C1 / L1 C3 / L2
7-8 pm C2 / L1 C4 / L3 C2 / L1 C4 / L3

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