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Program Description

Dose of Deen (a mentoring program for young youth) is a pilot program and new project initiative geared towards preteens and young teens from the 4th to 8th grade.  We believe in the importance of developing youth through a comprehensive approach to providing faith/character development, knowledge, and opportunities for growth.

Dose of Deen is designed to create a collaborative approach between mentors, parents, and the youth in order to achieve Tarbiya and ultimately provide mentees with the tools to reach their highest Islamic, social, and professional potential.

Select youth groups are matched with a mentor for weekly meet-ups where they partake in a comprehensive and structured developmental curriculum. In addition, mentors provide mid-week check-ins to their mentees, along with periodic trips and community service experiences. Parents are provided with updates about their kids, parenting workshops, and educational materials to help them acquire effective parenting strategies and long-lasting bonds with their children.

The program aims to cultivate and instill confidence, belonging, and purpose by creating an enriching environment that cements our youth’s attachment to Islam, their families, and their community.

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